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1931 Ariel Sloper

1931 Ariel Sloper

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Engine size 500cc
Exterior colour Black
Interior colour Black leather
Transmission Manual
Year 1931
Ariel's range for 1931 encompassed a dazzling variety of models: vertical engines, sloping engines, sidevalves, overhead valves - two or four per cylinder - all were represented along with Edward Turner's revolutionary Square Four. Following the then fashionable trend, the SF31 was one of three half-litre 'Sloper' models that joined the range in the spring of 1931. Like that of its fellows, the newcomer's overhead-valve engine was inclined at 30 degrees from the horizontal, conveying the benefits of better cooling, greater accessibility, and a lowered centre of gravity for improved handling. A twin-pipe exhaust system, exiting from a transverse silencer box ahead of the engine, was a particularly striking feature. Having completed many Durban to Johannesburg events, this wonderful bike offers great classic touring.
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