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1958 Austrian Formula Junior Monoposto

1958 Austrian Formula Junior Monoposto

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Engine size 1098
Exterior colour Silver
Transmission Manual
Year 1958
The unique car offered here is the so-called 'Austrian Formula Junior' as featured in 'Formula Junior: The Complete A-Z' by Bernard Cowdrey (page 14). The car was built in Vienna - probably 1958/59 - by an Englishman called Atkinson who drove Jaguars in competition and taught at Vienna's Haupt-Technik-Schule. It is probable that the construction of both the car and its original alloy bodywork, which survives, was undertaken at the school. The workmanship is high quality, better for example than the contemporary Lotus, which suggests that the car was an engineering exercise. Close fitting, the bodywork must have been taxing to construct, while many of the mechanical parts (suspension, steering wheel, etc) appear to originate from a 500 Cooper. Ownership subsequently passed from Atkinson to Maydell, proprietor of a well-known Austrian engineering company, 'Windhagen' and then to Friedrich Painsipp, who was able to provide the vendor with details of its history. The car was next owned by Reinhardt Litz followed by Mark Lindstone, John Ferris and Brian Edwards, from whom it was purchased by the current vendor in 2003.

Details of the car's past are obtainable from records in Austria and Germany but it appears to have been infrequently used in period, as evidenced by the condition of the chassis. It seems to have raced mainly in Germany and Austria, with the occasional foray further afield, including on one occasion to Avignon. Its last known appearance on the track was at Salzburg in 1985 in the 'Mercedes-Benz Trophäe Alfred Neubauer' when, according to the programme, it was a 'Lotus Special' fitted with a 1,500cc engine. (Photographs and videos available show the car painted green with a yellow nose band).

When acquired by the previous vendor, the chassis had been painted and the floor fitted. All other components were in various cardboard boxes. The car had been disassembled by John Ferris and little had happened to it in Brian Edwards' ownership. Since acquisition, the previous vendor has had extensive renovation carried out, including a transmission overhaul by Jonathan Hall, while a new 1,098cc engine was sourced from Brian Taylor. Too lengthy to reproduce here, a full account of the car's history and its restoration and specification is available together with sundry restoration invoices and details of the engine and transmission rebuilds.
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