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1970 Ford Escort Mk1 Historic Race Car

1970 Ford Escort Mk1 Historic Race Car

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The Mark I Ford Escort was introduced in Ireland and the United Kingdom at the end of 1967, making its show debut at Brussels Motor Show in January 1968.  It replaced the successful, long-running Anglia. The simple but effective Mk1 – in all its variations – might not be so readily available today, but its many successes on track and stage mean it’s still hot property. Featuring light and stiff two-door bodyshells, Escort Mk1’s had the genes for both cometative circuit racing and rallying. The 1966 BSCC champion John Fitzpatrick stated that “The Anglia had been a great little car but it wasn’t really quick enough; other cars had closed the gap. The Escort was a step forward, no question. It had a wider track, it handled beautifully and in time we were quick enough to beat the Capris.” This particular race car was developed and raced by well known classic car enthusiast and racing driver, Alan Green. Alan was more than competitive with 1:14’s at Zwarkops Raceway suggesting that this is one very quick historic race car. The car is race ready with widened rear arches, limited slip diff, straight cut gearbox and a highly specced and freshly built 2.0l Pinto engine.  Gallery [gallery link="file" ids="5277,5278,5279,5280,5281,5282,5283,5284"]
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