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1975 MGB GT Anniversary

1975 MGB GT Anniversary

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In May 1975 Abingdon produced 750 specially prepared MGB GTs to celebrate what British Leyland thought to be the MG Car Company's fiftieth anniversary of the production of MG Cars. However as MG historian Wilson McComb points out in his book 'MG by McComb' they got the date wrong as they were actually in their fifty second year of production! These cars were based on the 'black bumpered' MGB GTs introduced in December 1974 to conform to the requirements of the American safety standards. MG were the first British manufacturers to produce a vehicle to meet the new Federal US regulations on impact absorbing bumpers and exhaust emission control. These regulations stipulated that a 5 mph impact should cause no damage to the safety related systems such as lights, brakes, steering etc. The Californian State regulations were even more stringent and as this was the prime market for MG there was no alternative but to comply. The Californian regulations stipulated that no damage whatsoever should be caused in the event of a 5 mph impact. The result of these regulations meant that substantial steel beams were fitted to the front and rear of the car braced by stiffening struts incorporated into the body structure.  This smart Anniversary model shows 83, 000miles recored, and is presented in nicely preserved condition. Finished in British Racing green with gold alloy wheels and a black fabric interior , this is a very attractive example of a rare version of the classic MGB. Gallery  [gallery link="file" size="medium" ids="8579,8577,8576,8575,8574,8573,8572,8571,8570,8580"]
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