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1990 Lotus Elan M100 SE TURBO

1990 Lotus Elan M100 SE TURBO

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Engine size 1.6
Exterior colour Red
Interior colour Black leather
Mileage 79000
Transmission Manual
Year 1990
The M100-Series Lotus Elan represented the light at the end of a very long tunnel for its maker. Lotus had been developing a small car to slot in under the Excel and Esprit since the early-1980s and had to endiure a number of abandoned projects before it arrived at the final 1989 car. The car was a two-seater, convertible sports car designed by Peter Stevens and produced by Lotus whilst under the ownership of General Motors. For many enthusiasts, the M100 was a complete shock, not least because it was front-wheel drive, a format that had not really proved itself in the sports car market beyond a generation of hot hatchbacks. So it was a leap into the unknown for both buyers and its maker. But once road testers got their hands of the Elan, and the scale of its dynamic proweess became apparent, you could hear the collective sighs of relief. Almost all the production cars ended up being turbocharged SE versions, though some 130bhp non-turbo models were sold. All were powered by a durable Isuzu 1600 engine that Lotus had helped to design. Lotus was a money-losing combine by the the early 1990s, and the Elite offered no respite. Lotus made a loss on every one of the 3855 Elans sold, so it was abandoned after two years. The M100 Elan’s cornering performance was undeniable. On release the Elan was described by Autocar magazine as the quickest point to point car available. With low mileage for its year of just 79,000, finished in black with a complimentary red interior, interested parties should note there are very few Lotus Elan Turbo SE's in South Africa. This charming 90's sports car represents an affordable entry into the Lotus family.
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