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2008 Morgan Aero 8 Series 3

2008 Morgan Aero 8 Series 3

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The Morgan Aero 8 is a sports car built by Morgan Motor Company at its factory in Malvern Link, England  and designed by the firm's designer Matthew Humphries. The Aero 8 is notable for several reasons, primarily because it is the first new Morgan design since 1964's +4+. It does not use anti-roll bars, an oddity in a modern sporting car. It is also the first Morgan vehicle with an aluminium chassis and frame as opposed to traditional Morgan vehicles  that have an aluminium skinned wooden body tub on a steel chassis. The engine first powering the Aero 8 was a 4400 cc V8 built by BMW mated to a 6-Speed Getrag transmission. All Aero 8s are assembled at Morgan's Malvern Link factory, where they are able to produce up to 14 cars a week . This is the most unique and exciting sports car ever built! The bonded, riveted, aircraft aluminium type chassis construction brought Morgan Motor Company into the 20th century but they continued to use old English Ash wood in the body construction. The wooden body tub is skinned in Aluminium and the feeders, hydro formed aluminium giving the car a most agile feel. Presented as infer, the conditions of this lovely example is difficult to fault. [gallery link="file" ids="8204,8205,8206,8207,8208,8209,8217,8218,8210,8211,8212,8213,8216"]
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