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Fiat 2300S Coupe

Fiat 2300S Coupe

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It may bear the humble badge of Fiat, but this Ghia designed grand tourer has absolutely nothing to be humble about. The coachbuilt luxury car was the coupe version of Fiats executive 2300 saloon and it was aimed at the industrialist and banker who, unlike the Italian politicians and senators occupying the back seats of the chauffeur driven 2300 saloons, enjoyed being behind the wheel themselves. The elegant lines of Sergio Sartorelli and Tom Tjaarda at Carrozzeria Ghia, bore a certain and probably not totally coincidental resemblance to a Ferrari 250 GT of that era. From the densely padded leather interior to the beautiful dashboard generously equipped with numerous Veglia instruments and the large wood rimmed Nardi steering wheel this car oozes quality and 1960s dolce vita with a style that Fiat boss Gianni Agnelli could only have approved of. The sporting “S”version boasted twin double choke Webers on its more powerful OHV straight six 2300cc engine, delivering a respectable 128 BHP to the rear wheels. Double wishbone suspension with torsion bars at the front, live rear axle with leaf springs and servo assisted disc brakes on all 4 wheels definitely put it on par with the technology of its considerably more expensive contemporaries from the exotic super league of Ferrari and Maserati. As prices on 1960s Ferraris, Maseratis, Astons and Lamborghinis has catapulted into the stratosphere, the somewhat overlooked 2300S has started gaining a well deserved appreciation among classic car enthusiasts looking at Gran Turismo cars of that era. This is an unrepeatable opportunity to purchase an original Right Hand Drive Fiat 2300S Coupe by Ghia, one of approx 20 cars known to exist. It is one of the rarest cars on the market today. This is one of the most beautiful Grand Touring cars of the sixties. they were very expensive and exclusive when new and a restored RHD example is unheard of. This car is original, unmolested and perfect for a concourse restoration.   Gallery [gallery link="file" ids="5261,5262,5263,5264,5265"]
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